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Guest blogger Bryan Cohen

How to Trick Yourself into Writing, Editing and Marketing

Guest Blogger: Bryan Cohen (@bryancohenbooks)   Self-motivation is crucial for authors, regardless of which publishing path you choose. Writing a book is difficult enough, but when you add on editing and marketing, it can feel impossible. And I’m crazy enough to have self-published 32 times. How did I do it? I learned a few ways…
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Addie Zierman

What Doesn’t Happen When You Sign a Book Deal

Guest Blogger: Addie Zierman (@addiezierman)   The contract will come in the mail with the publisher’s name on it, and for a few minutes or hours or days, you’ll feel on top of the world.   Here you are, at the beginning of a dream come true, at the precipice of all you’ve been waiting…
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4 Ways to Connect with Readers

Guest Blogger: Dana Sitar (@danasitar) Let’s start with what “connect with readers” does not mean: It does not mean “Get in front of your readers and convince them to buy your book.” It does not mean, “Aim for big numbers on social media or a high subscriber rate to your blog.” It also does not…
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One Simple Secret for Success as a Writer

Guest Blogger: Chad R. Allen (@ChadRAllen) “Sometimes it feels like nobody’s listening,” my writer friend groaned. Can you relate? Have you ever poured your heart and soul into an article or proposal only to hear the cruel sound of silence? It’s frustrating. So we just keep slogging away, right? Well, yes, but there is a…
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Dabney Hedegard

How to Make the Most of a Conference

Guest Blogger: Dabney Hedegard (@dabneyland) I’m not a writer, per se. I’m a speaker who learned the craft of writing and secured a contract by her second writers’ conference. But intense work was involved; especially since I didn’t know how much longer I had to live. Let me explain. At age 36, my cardiologist predicated…
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Billy Coffey

The One Thing Every Writer Needs

Guest blogger: Billy Coffey (@BillyCoffey) I’d heard how it sometimes happens—quick and violent, like a spasm that spares the body and strikes the soul. I never really believed it was true. Couldn’t happen, not to me. It was just another myth, on par with writer’s block and the notion that persistence without talent will eventually…
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Mike Duran

Blurb Etiquette

Guest Blogger: Mike Duran (@CerebralGrump ) One of the most uncomfortable realities of being a writer is asking for blurbs (a.k.a. endorsements). On the enjoyability meter, it ranks somewhere between Irritable Bowel Syndrome and having bamboo spikes driven under your toenails. Before my last novel The Telling released, I determined to aim high for endorsers.…
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5 Ways Authors Can Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

5 Ways Authors Can Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Guest blogger: Erin MacPherson We’ve been talking about Pinterest as a marketing tool for authors (here and here) and today I want to get your creative juices flowing by telling you about some innovative approaches to Pinterest marketing. There are many more, so please share your ideas in the comments and we can turn this post…
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MyBookTable – A Better Way To Sell Your Books

This is a guest post from Thomas Umstattd (@ThomasUmstattd). Today he’s introducing a terrific new idea for authors that I thought you all should know about. * * * Most publishers require authors to have a website before they will publish them. The reasoning behind this is simple. The purpose of the website, for the publisher, is…
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Don’t Think of Pinterest as Social Media

Guest Blogger: Erin MacPherson Grab a notepad and a pen and write this down: Now circle it, add a few stars or a few exclamation points or some bright purple glitter.  Anything it takes for you to convince yourself that it’s a very important note.  Now go hang it on your fridge right where you…
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Jennie Nash

5 Surprises About Self Publishing

Guest Blogger: Jennie Nash (@jennienash) My first six books were all published by major New York houses, including Scribner, Simon & Schuster, Crown, and Berkley/Penguin. I adored my editors and their teams, but I was a midlist writer getting midlist attention, and the midlist was starting to feel like purgatory. For my seventh book, Perfect…
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Stress Test

My Editor Wants Me to Change What??

Guest blogger: Richard Mabry, M.D. (@RichardMabry) I had delivered my latest manuscript to my publisher, and a few weeks later received my revision notes from the editor. I was, to put it mildly, caught off guard. The notes suggested some pretty big changes. As I read through them, I kept saying, “But that’s not what I…
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Are You Ready for the Pain of Publishing?

Guest Blogger: Ed Cyzewski (@edcyzewski) “Publishing a book would be neat.” I hear that all of the time from people when I mention I’m an author. I rarely tell them what my experience of book publishing has actually been like—except for this one time. A friend was just starting to explore writing full time with…
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Does Your Project Need Funding?

Guest Blogger: Caleb Jennings Breakey (@CalebBreakey) Imagine finding hundreds of people eager to read your book. Now—are you ready for this?—imagine those same people financially backing you to write it. Enter the crowdsourcing awesomeness of,, and These sites are funding platforms for creative projects. But their concept isn’t centered on folks just…
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