Do You Need an Author Website?

Short answer: Yes!

Whenever an aspiring author asks what they need to do to prepare for the publishing journey, I always tell them to put first things first: start with an author website. It’s the place on the internet where both readers and publishers will go to find your work and learn more about you. Social media is great, but it’s noisy there. Your website is entirely yours.

For many authors, creating a website is one of the most overwhelming and frustrating aspects of platform-building. That’s why I’ve teamed up with my partners from Author School to create a simple, beautiful solution for author website woes:

At Author Blog, we design, build, and launch your author site so that you can focus on the thing you want to do: writing. Whether it’s time for you to replace an old website or you’re ready to create your own space online for the very first time, Author Blog can be the solution.

Visit for more details, and use promo code “RACHELLE” for $100 off your brand-new author website!

Happy writing!



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Rachelle Gardner

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