Free Workshop! Tuesday 9-15-20


Hey writers, I’m offering a free 1-hour online workshop in advance of the next session of my Pen to Published course at Author School (which starts Sept. 29th and registration is open

In this free workshop, we’re going to cover eight things you need to focus on as you pursue publishing. There will be time at the end for some Q&A.

If you’re thinking about publishing, this will be a great overview of the things you’ll need to consider — and it’s a sneak peak of all the things I cover in-depth in the 8-week Pen to Published course.

The online workshop is next Tuesday, September 15th, at 8pm eastern time.

There’s no cost, but you need to register! Use this URL for registration:

Hope to see you there!




Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Rachelle Gardner

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