Have you ever thought a one-on-one conversation with a publishing professional could get you unstuck and move your writing career forward? I offer publishing coaching for any phase of your career, focused on your area of need: writing, publishing, or promotion and platform-building.

If you don't have a literary agent but could benefit from professional insight and feedback, check out my coaching services below.

First, decide what you need to accomplish.



Together we will:

  • Brainstorm the overall concept for your project, making sure you’re including the necessary elements in the right order to convey your key points.
  • Read pages and critique your writing, sharing useful feedback and challenging you to develop into a stronger writer.
  • Establish measurable goals for completing portions of your writing, and keep you accountable to a schedule.
  • Provide the support you need to get that project finished—and have it be the best it can be.


I will help you:

  • Decide whether to pursue traditional or self-publishing (or both) based on your needs, goals, and personality style.
  • If you’re writing in several different genres, we will determine which to focus on, which is most likely to sell, and how to approach agents or publishers.
  • Craft compelling query letters, proposals, sell-copy, and synopses of your work.
  • Understand your genre competition and stand out from the noise.

Social Media & Platform

I will work with you to:

  • Assess your needs and goals. Who is the audience you’re trying to reach—and why? Where can they be found? What kinds of content do they respond to? How do you want them to respond?
  • Identify which social media platforms have the best potential to reach your desired audience, and what kinds of posts will engage them.
  • Create a detailed plan and a schedule for using social media in a strategic way, including building a “content calendar” to guide your social media activity on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Pursue all avenues of social media that are appropriate for you, including blogs, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.

Next, choose which coaching solution is right for you.



Each session includes:

  • Pre-coaching consultation via email
  • One hour of reading, editing, evaluation and/or email exchange
  • One hour private one-on-one coaching session by phone
  • Post-session recap sent to you via email



One session: $249
2-9 sessions: $225
10+ sessions: $200

Book Proposal Preparation

I will read your proposal, chapter outlines, and two sample chapters and make notations on your proposal about ways to strengthen it. I analyze whether you have uncovered the primary competitive books, including doing online research to verify the competition. I assess whether you have adequately documented the audience for your book, including online research; and I offer additional thoughts, ideas, and recommendations.

Some questions I ask are:

• Is the proposal enjoyable to read and well written?
• Does the author’s passion for the topic come through?
• Is the proposal logically organized?
• Does the author offer compelling reasons why this book will be successful?
• Does the first page of the proposal hook the reader?
• Does the author clearly show the book’s commercial potential?
• Has the author positioned the book so that an agent (and publisher) would understand there is a need for the book?
• Does the book have a clear hook or selling handle?
• Is the overview persuasive and informative?


$110/hour (two hour minimum)

Please note: Preparation of a book proposal from scratch is usually $2,000 to $4,000. Contact me to discuss.

Book Title Package

I will study your synopsis or proposal (or whatever material you can provide) and provide you with a document that includes:

  • competitive titles in your category/genre
  • a list of high-value words that relate to your book and resonate with your audience
  • a minimum of five possible titles and five sub-titles

Investment: $295


Ready to get started?

"My coaching session with Rachelle was invaluable. She helped me to untie some knots in my head, which were hindering my ability to make progress with my literary novel, by adding clarity, focus and purpose to the project. She read a solid sample of my work, had structured feedback and worked very hard to ascertain not only the writing itself, but who was doing the writing and why. I would highly recommend her coaching services to any writer looking to improve their work."

Anthony Faggioli