Freelance Editor Recommendations

Updated 8/16/21.

Sometimes it’s necessary to work with a freelance editor to improve your writing skills or help make your manuscript more marketable. I’ve compiled a list of editors I know who are very good at what they do. There is a link to each individual website, so that you can see what services they offer and what they charge.

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Please note, I offer coaching and consulting, including query letter critiques (click HERE to learn about coaching) but I don’t do editing. 



→ Nathan Bransford. Click here. Also offers coaching and brainstorming.

→ Erin Healy. Click here. Developmental (content) editing, coaching, word crafting.

→ Karli Jackson. Click here. Developmental & line editing; jacket copy preparation; manuscript viability review.

→ Lindsay Harrel. Click here. Specializes in content or developmental edits for fiction.

→ Natalie Hanemann. Click here. Also does story coaching for fiction and nonfiction.

→ Chuck Sambuchino. Click here. Also edits query letters, synopses, and proposals.

→ Ami McConnell. Click here. Also offers manuscript viability review and coaching/consulting.

→ Noveldoctor. Click here. Edits fiction and memoirs. Also works on book proposals.

→ Dave King. Click here. Co-author of Self Editing for Fiction Writers.

→ Mike Loomis. Click here. Nonfiction developmental editing, co-writing, and ghostwriting.

→ Staci Frenes. Click here. Developmental and line editing for memoir and fiction.

→ Christina E. Boys. Click here. Developmental & line editing of both fiction and non-fiction.

→ Edit Resource. Click here. This is a company that contracts with the best fiction and non-fiction editors in the business. They have a variety of editors available and they can connect you with the right editor for your project. Look over their list, then contact them.

→ Diane Higgins. Click here. Editor of several  NY Times bestselling books.

→ Art Lizza. Click here. Specializing in conceptual-developmental editing.

→ Susanne Lakin. Click here. Specializing in fiction.

→ Kathleen Groom. Click here. Non-fiction and memoir, editing and copywriting.

→  Margot Starbuck. Click here. Non-fiction and memoir.

→  Robin Patchen. Click here. Offers critiques, mentoring, editing and proofreading.


The following are editors who come highly recommended, but with whom I have not worked personally.

→ Katie Wall. Specializes in fantasy and sci-fi. Click here.

→ Christy Callahan. Click here.

→  Ken Walker. Click here.

→  Christi McGuire. Click here.

→  Michelle Schacht. Click here.

→ Jenne Acevedo. Click here.

→  Kathi Ide. Click here.


Looking for ongoing coaching and accountability? I recommend Manuscript Accelerator for a 6-month or 12-month package.


Our agency is NOT connected financially or any other way with these editors. These are recommendations based on my knowledge of their previous work.

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