Your Path to Publishing!

Ah, publishing. Where to begin? It depends on where you are in the process.

Here you’ll find articles addressing every aspect of the journey from writing to publishing to simply living the life of a writer.

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It all starts with your writing. Here you’ll find articles addressing various aspects of writing your book, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction or memoir.
Nobody Writes Good First Drafts
Focus on Writing the Best Book You Can
Should You Write the Whole Book?
Create a Compelling Book Title
Write a Captivating Opening Line
What’s the Story on Backstory?



Looking for an agent? Trying to find a publisher? Here are posts that help you create all the materials you need to successfully pitch your project.

How to Find an Agent
How to Write a Book Proposal
How to Write a Query Letter
How to Query When You’ve Written a Series
Writing a One-Sentence Summary
Crafting Your Elevator Pitch
How to Write a Terrific Author Bio



Once you’re ready to pursue publishing, everything changes. Writing is an art and a craft, but publishing is a business. Read these posts to help you make the leap.

How to Get Published
Breaking into Publishing
10 Things Editors Look for in Nonfiction
Is Your Book Worth It?
6 Reasons Authors Still Want Publishers
Welcome to the Shark Tank



Trying to decide between traditional publishing or going the indie route? There are advantages to each, and things to know before you make your decision. These posts help you explore your options.

Traditional or Indie Publishing?
Trust Me, You Need a Good Editor
5 Surprises About Self Publishing (guest post)
6 Reasons Authors Self-Publish
Are You a Do-It-Yourself Type?


a writer's life

The ups and downs, the rejections, the reviews… being a writer carries unique challenges. These posts will help you with the day-to-day realities of the writer’s life.

Where Your Passion Meets the Market
Your Book’s Not Selling? Write Another Book!
Try Thinking Negative for a Change
9 Reasons to Quit Writing
Do You Have Imposter Syndrome?
Letting Go of Scarcity Thinking