An incredibly exciting and yet bittersweet announcement!

This is an incredibly exciting and yet bittersweet announcement!

We’ve been waiting so long to tell you about this beautiful book that Rachel Held Evans wrote. Brilliant children’s book author Matthew Paul Turner finished and fully realized it, along with our gifted illustrator Ying Hui Tan. It’s the fulfillment of one of Rachel’s many aspirations, written for her own children.

As Matthew writes in his Instagram post: “I adored Rachel. She was my dear friend. But like so many of you, I also deeply respected her voice, influence, and leadership. I felt a duty to protect every one of her words and added mine with great care. My goal is to honor Rachel and her legacy and honor the people who loved her—her family, friends, and fans.”

This book comes to you from Rachel’s heart, and Matthew’s as well. We are all privileged to be part of the process of bringing it to fruition.

“What is God Like?” releases on June 15, but is available for pre-order now.

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