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What is High Concept?

Recently I asked my followers on Facebook what question I should answer in my next “vlog,” and the overwhelming response was “What is High Concept?” Here’s my three-minute response,with a written recap below. High concept is primarily a term used in pitching movies but these days, we find it a helpful shorthand to describe a…
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Why Agents Don’t Give Reasons with Rejections

“Two Minute Tutorials” Ohmygosh! Another video! And guess what. I decided to name my video series “Two Minute Tutorials” and wouldn’t you know, today’s video is 3 minutes. C’est la vie, as they say. So this installment of¬†“Two Three Minute Tutorials”¬†answers the question, “Why Don’t Agents Give Reasons with their Rejections?” (I’m trying to get…
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Advances: How Can I Find Who Got What?

Today I debut my video blogging. Please go easy on me – I’ve never done this before! I decided that in my video blogs I’ll answer questions readers have sent me via email, Twitter, my Facebook page, or the blog. So if you have a question you want me to answer in a video, send…
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