BOOK CLUB ALERT: “Wholehearted Faith” by Rachel Held Evans with Jeff Chu


“Wholehearted Faith” by Rachel Held Evans with Jeff Chu releases in three weeks!

This is a message from Jeff:
As we’ve been anticipating Wholehearted Faith’s release on November 2, we’ve been thinking about how we want to read this book. The word that kept popping into our hearts and heads: together. We want to gather around Rachel Held Evans’s words in community and in gracious, candid conversation. In that spirit, we’d like to create a space where those of us reading Wholehearted Faith can discuss, engage, and meet each other. So we are starting a Wholehearted Faith book club.

To join the book club, click here:  If you join now there will be some exciting giveaways, glimpses from me of the writing process, and even some sneak peeks at the book ahead of its release. Then, come November 9th, we’ll jump together into a six-week study of Wholehearted Faith. Along the way, we’ll be joined by other friends, including Sarah Bessey, Pete Enns, Kaitlin B. Curtice, Mike McHargue, Osheta Moore, and Kate Bowler. We hope you join us.

Rachelle Gardner

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