Can I Write in Both Fiction and Nonfiction? Can I Write in More Than One Genre?


Oh writers, you’re so darn creative. Always wanting to branch out! Wanting to write different kinds of books!

Okay, so, as an artist, you have complete freedom to do what you want. However as a published author, i.e. a businessperson, you have to think of things besides your creative freedom.

There’s branding — will readers know what to expect of you or will they be confused? There’s the time and energy it takes to market different books to different audiences.

So the answer is, think it through. Make sure you understand the hard parts of writing and marketing different genres. Take into account the realities rather than focusing exclusively on your creative freedom.

Your agent and your publisher will have opinions and may discourage you from doing this. They understand the realities and difficulties of trying to sell books in different genres, so they’re not just trying to stifle your creativity, they’re being pragmatic.

If you do decide to branch out, FIRST establish yourself in one genre. Get 4 or 5 books published, build up an audience, learn the publishing drill, THEN think about expanding.

Happy writing!


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Rachelle Gardner

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  1. Ashley on November 28, 2020 at 12:00 PM

    What about books within the children’s category? Like fiction and nonfiction picture books, or picture books and middle grade? Are they “close enough” within their category?