New Release Spotlight: Sarah Ladd

Congratulations and happy new release to Sarah Ladd!

Sarah’s latest Regency romance, The Letter From Briarton Park, combines mystery and intrigue with the best of historical storytelling.

Cassandra Hale grew up knowing little about her parentage, and had made peace with the fact that she never would. But Cassandra’s world shifts when a shocking deathbed confession reveals a two-year-old letter with hints to her family’s identity.

James Warrington is a widower and the new master of Briarton Park. When Cassandra appears at his doorstep with a letter from the previous owner, he is honor bound to help uncover the answers she seeks. The more time passes, the more she begins to suspect things aren’t as they seem.

As details emerge, the danger surrounding her intensifies. Cassandra must navigate the treacherous landscapes between truth and rumor if she is to uncover the realities of her past and find the place her heart can finally call home.

March 1, 2022. Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Rachelle Gardner

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