Self-Publishing: A Rant and a Q4U

This week another major publisher, Harlequin, announced their entry into the self-publishing business. The blogs have lit up over it and there’s a lot of interesting reading out there. I think Victoria Strauss gave a great overview on the Writer Beware blog (here.) I have to admit that the idea of all these major publishers…
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Q4U: It’s a Blog’s Life

I’ve been thinking about all these publishing blogs, and why we read them. (Yes, I read them too.) I’m interested in hearing your perspectives on the blogs. Feel free to answer any of these questions: What are your primary reasons for reading the blogs? How often do you read blogs? How often do you comment?…
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Friday Fun: What’s Surprising About You?

Don’t you love how daily life offers so many great decent ideas for blog posts? This week I was being interviewed for a magazine article and one of the questions was, “What is something about you that writers would be surprised to know?” Of course, I share so much about myself on the blog and…
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Embarrassing Books

I’ve been a fan of editor-turned-agent Betsy Lerner ever since I read her brilliant book The Forest for the Trees when it came out in 2001. If you’ve never read it, you should immediately. It’s one of the best books for writers, right up there with Stephen King’s On Writing. Get the book! Anyway, that’s…
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Q4U: Surprise!

Many of you have been on this pursuit-of-publishing journey for awhile now. Whether you’re just starting to write, or you’re already contracted, or you’re somewhere in between, I’ll bet there are things that have surprised you along the way. I’ve been in publishing for so long, I’m not surprised by much of anything anymore. So…
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You: The Marketing Machine

First off, if you don’t read anything else this weekend, read this article from the Washington Post. It doesn’t say much that we haven’t already discussed on this and other publishing blogs. But I think (for many of you) it will confirm what you’ve already heard: Yes, it’s a whole new world for authors, and…
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Happy Birthday to Your Book!

We started this month with my birthday (a shameless self-promotion, I realize, but I can’t help it, I just love my birthday). Let’s end the week celebrating another birthday of sorts: The day YOUR latest book was released. If your book came out in the last year, tell us about it and include the Amazon…
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It’s 9/11 Once Again

So here we are on September 11th. Many things have happened on this date in history. Perhaps some of you were even born or got married on this date. But I think we all carry with us a very powerful memory of September 11th, 2001. Let’s send up a prayer for all whose lives were…
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Reasons Not to Quit

**Please note, blog contest ends tonight! See last Friday’s post for details. You may have noticed from some of my posts that sometimes this job gets a little frustrating (like any job). If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile or if you follow me on Twitter, you know I love my job, so that’s…
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Q4U: Gossip, Rumors, and Myths

Almost everyday a writer tells me they “heard” something about the publishing industry – something they don’t like, something that scares or discourages them, something they’re not sure is true. In an age where so much is being shared on the Internet, you have access to a lot of great information but also a lot…
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Q4U: What’s Your Sweatshirt Say?

Last week when I was camping with my family, I couldn’t help but notice how our attire advertised each of us perfectly. I was wearing a sweatshirt that said, “So many books, so little time.” My 12-year-old’s sweatshirt said, “I’d rather be riding” (she’s my budding equestrian). My 10-year-old’s sweatshirt said, “Gymnastics–it’s not a sport,…
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Q4U: Social Networking Anyone?

What do you say we blow the lid off this whole social networking thing once and for all. I’ve got questions, you’ve got answers. You ready? What do you LIKE about Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks? What do you DISLIKE? What scares you about them? If you are NOT using Twitter or Facebook, why…
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Friday Self Promotion Party!

Once again, my blog is all about YOU. We’ve been talking a lot about self-promotion lately. Here’s your chance! Today’s assignment: Tell us about ONE book you’re writing, or have written. If your book is available for purchase, go ahead and include a link. Please stick to a maximum of 100 words per comment in…
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Books, Books, Books

I’m a great believer in reading. Shocking, huh? I believe that you, as a writer, should read lots of books in the genre or category in which you are writing. If you write literary fiction, you should read literary fiction. If you write suspense, you should read suspense. It’s a great way to learn. I…
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I love words.

I love books and publishing and talking incessantly about them.

I love authors and all the intricacies of managing a writing life.

I sell. I negotiate. I coach. I brainstorm.

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