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Why Didn’t I Say Yes to Your Novel?

When an agent or editor requests your partial or full manuscript, it’s nerve wracking to wait and wonder, day after day, if they’re reading it and whether they like it. If they finally decide not to offer representation, it hurts and you just want to know… why? Most agents try to offer some kind of…
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Most-Viewed Posts of 2012

If you are a blogger, you owe it to yourself to study your blog stats at least annually, if not more often. It’s fascinating what you can learn and how much you can improve your blogging by paying attention to your traffic patterns. In just a few minutes of looking at my most popular post…
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Memoirs of Overcoming Adversity

Dear Rachelle, I’ve heard you talk about how difficult it is to sell a “personal story of overcoming adversity.” You’ve mentioned you won’t consider this kind of memoir unless the author has a significant platform and the story has built-in marketing potential and an obvious media hook. Would this include being a cancer survivor (two completely separate cancers) at…
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What I’m Looking For

Updated January, 2012 I represent books for the Christian market (CBA) as well as for the general market, and I’m now accepting queries for both. Please note: Read our Submission Guidelines before sending a query! My query policy: While we would like to respond to all queries, our policy is that if you do not…
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Good Point

Overheard in the Gardner household: Me: “Sweetie, I’m sorry you’re sad. Come here. I want to tell you something about life.” Daughter (pulling away): “I already know about life, mom—I’ve been living it for eleven years.” (Runs upstairs.) Have a good weekend! © 2011 Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent
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Gone Skiing

I’m taking the day off for some good old fashioned Rocky Mountain skiing. Ever notice how it’s sometimes so much work to have fun? Sheesh, just getting the gear together, including enough clothing to keep us warm in single-digit temps, can be enough to scare us off sometimes. Then there’s the 2-hour drive. The expensive…
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Submission Guidelines

Last Update January, 2012 Please address all queries to: representation [at] booksandsuch [dot] com → If you intend to query ME specifically, please indicate that in your subject line or the first part of your email. → When you send a query to the correct email address, you will get an automated response, usually within…
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Another Peek into My Mailbox

or, “Everybody’s Gotta Start Somewhere” Dear Rachelle, What is your advice for my 26-year old daughter who has not yet published her poetry? Signed, The Poet’s Mom *** Dear Mom, Here’s my advice for your daughter: Get immersed in the world of poetry publication. Subscribe to magazines like Poets & Writers. Buy the Poets Market.…
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How I Became an Agent

Recently on the blog, Kelsey Sutton asked… I’d like to know why and how you began your career as an agent. Would you change any of your choices? Best and worst aspects of your job?Since many people express an interest in becoming an agent and ask me how to do it, I thought I’d explain…
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Don’t Ask Me About Trends

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about trends in publishing, what’s hot and what’s not, and the fact that agents and publishers are always basing acquisitions for the future on what has sold in the past. Because of this, people are always asking me: So what’s hot? What are the trends? But I’m admitting…
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***Closed to Queries***

I will not be accepting any queries in the month of July. Any I receive between now and August 1st will be deleted with no response and you will be blacklisted forever. Just kidding. I’ll delete any queries I receive after today, and hope to hear from you in August! Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent
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Advice for Myself

Yesterday, many of you shared your fears of the verbal pitch, and some of you told stories of being treated rudely or dismissively by harried agents or editors. I’ve heard these stories before—of writers being made to feel scolded or, even worse, like losers upon leaving the meeting. Part of me wonders who would treat…
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Why Authors Need Agents

Many times on this blog, I’ve answered the question of why you, a writer (singular), might need an agent (also singular). I addressed it in posts such as 10 Things to Expect from an Agent and Earning Our Keep. Agent Nathan Bransford gave a terrific run down on what agents do, here and my client…
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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Today we have a glimpse of my daily mailbag. Er, inbox. The following is an example of some recent correspondence with a writer I didn’t know. Hi Rachelle. I have a problem and I need your help. I’ve been writing a novel for nine years, pouring sweat, blood, and tears into it. Recently an acquaintance…
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I love words.

I love books and publishing and talking incessantly about them.

I love authors and all the intricacies of managing a writing life.

I sell. I negotiate. I coach. I brainstorm.

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