New Release Spotlight: Kristy Cambron


Congratulations, Kristy Cambron!

THE ITALIAN BALLERINA is Kristy’s ninth historical novel, taking us behind the scenes of one of the greatest cons in world history.

Rome, 1943. With the Nazi regime occupying the streets of Rome, British ballerina Julia Bradbury is stranded and forced to take refuge at a hospital, but when she learns of a deadly sickness sweeping through the quarantine wards—a fake disease known as Syndrome K—she risks everything to rescue Jewish Italians from the deadly clutches of the Holocaust.

In the present day, Delaney Coleman travels to Italy to try and unravel her grandfather’s hidden past and learns of a Roman hospital that saved hundreds of Jewish people during the war. But everything she thought she new about her family’s history comes into question.

A stand-alone split-time novel based on true events.

“Gripping and atmospheric… and outstanding work of historical fiction.” – Joy Callaway, bestselling author of The Grand Design.

“Impeccably researched and highly inspirational…” – Natalie Jenner, bestselling author of The Jane Austen Society

Rachelle Gardner

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  1. Tara Maya on July 15, 2022 at 12:24 PM

    Very intriguing! I’ve been on a binge of reading WWII fiction lately.