Did I Mention It’s All About Platform?

This one’s for non-fiction authors—it doesn’t apply so much to novelists. Ever see the movie Little Miss Sunshine? Richard (played by Greg Kinnear) is a wanna-be motivational speaker who knows that it begins with a book, which turns into speaking, which turns into DVDs, etc. (At least that’s what he thinks.) After his agent, Stan…
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Marketing Your Self and Your Book

A client recently wrote me: I’ve finished my book and delivered it to the publisher. What should I be focusing on right now?That’s a good question. At this point, a writer should be thinking about two things: marketing this book (building your platform), and beginning work on your next book, whether or not it’s contracted.…
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Blogs We Don’t Like

Somebody asked me recently, “What turns you off in writers’ blogs?” They wanted to know if there were certain things I saw that would make me not want to represent someone, or at least make me wonder whether I should. So I thought about it, and here are a few of my answers: → A…
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A Few Hints on Twitter

By now most people either know how to use Twitter, or they hate the whole idea of it and have sworn to never go over to the dark side. Wherever you stand, I’m not going to try to change your mind. But if you’re using Twitter, I have a couple of helpful hints, based on…
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Author Headshots

As an author pursuing publication, have you thought about the fact that you’re going to need a professional headshot? Many people brush off the idea initially, thinking they can have a friend take some nice shots in the backyard. That might be true and you may think your snapshot looks great, but many people will…
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Four Major Marketing Principles: Part 1 of 3

by Jim Rubart [I’m taking time off this week, but I’m leaving you in good hands with this great series on marketing principles. Have fun! ~Rachelle] Marketing Principle #1:You Must Shock BROCA In the early 90s, when I sold radio for a Seattle station, I answered the office phone one morning with, “Dominos Pizza!” This…
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Q4U: It’s a Blog’s Life

I’ve been thinking about all these publishing blogs, and why we read them. (Yes, I read them too.) I’m interested in hearing your perspectives on the blogs. Feel free to answer any of these questions: What are your primary reasons for reading the blogs? How often do you read blogs? How often do you comment?…
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You: The Marketing Machine

First off, if you don’t read anything else this weekend, read this article from the Washington Post. It doesn’t say much that we haven’t already discussed on this and other publishing blogs. But I think (for many of you) it will confirm what you’ve already heard: Yes, it’s a whole new world for authors, and…
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Social Networking in 15 Minutes a Day

A lot of people wonder how they can do all the online networking they’re “supposed” to do without it completely draining all their time and energy. Well, I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve developed a strategy that works for me, so I thought I’d share it with you. Blog 1. I write my…
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Guest Blogger: Julie Cantrell

How to Plan a Successful Book Signing As a first-time author of two children’s books, God is with Me through the Day and God is with Me through the Night, I was surprised to discover that the most challenging part of the journey has been marketing. I have worked as a marketing writer for ten…
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Social Networking vs. Writing

So. Wow. Did you see how many people commented on Friday’s post? And did you see how longwinded eloquent everyone was? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you all LOVE giving your opinions about social networking! So the upshot is: some of us love it, some of us hate it, many of us are…
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My Comment Policy

One of the most helpful blog posts I’ve read in awhile was yesterday on Michael Hyatt’s blog: 8 Blog Tips from Tim Ferriss. I’m going to try harder to put some of the tips into practice. But it was tip #6 that really got me thinking and re-examining. “Practice zero tolerance for negative comments.” I’ve…
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Why You Should Help Sell Your Book

Every time I post anything about building a platform, blogging, or creating an online presence, I inevitably get a few grumbles and complaints about why this is necessary. Some people want proof that all these activities can actually sell books. I also get “what-if” and “but-I” and every possible argument from writers who don’t want…
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Do You Need a Blog Mentor?

Yesterday I was talking to one of my clients, the uber-talented Patricia Raybon, about building an online presence and using blogging and social networking to build a platform (all the things we’ve been discussing on the blog lately). She said she’d been reading all the recommended websites about blogging, and even got the book Blogging…
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