Make a Living as a Writer – Part 1

I’m going to make this very simple: The secret to making a living wage as a writer lies in two words: volume and variety. Today let’s talk about the first one. Volume The biggest mistake writers make with respect to their “publishing dreams” is hoping for one big break that’s going to change their lives,…
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Win Agents and Influence Editors

I’m giving a webinar TONIGHT with book marketing guru @ThomasUmstattd: How to Win Agents and Influence Editors… at a Writers’ Conference. Time is 8pm Eastern… cost is only $15.00 and you get approximately one million dollars worth of material. Okay, just kidding. But we think it’s at least a $100 value. You get: ♦ The live webinar…
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The Single Best Tip for Using Twitter

I’m blogging over at Books & Such today. Here’s a preview: There are plenty of places online to get tips for using Twitter effectively. (I’ve given you some links at the end of this post.) But today I’m going to give you just ONE tip. I think it’s the first and most important thing you…
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Blogs to follow

More Blogs to Follow via Twitter

Yesterday I gave you a sampling of the blogs I follow in my Google Reader. But there are some blogs and publications I follow on Twitter instead of in my Reader. These tend to be very good at Tweeting new articles and posts, so it’s easier for me to click through from Twitter rather than…
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What Does the Future Hold?

I was talking with a friend who works in the financial industry, and a question came up about what we would each be doing 30 years from now. My friend was anticipating a prosperous retirement at that point, having built up a significant and valuable business. While the financial life of our nation has its…
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Calling Your Manuscript Finished (For Now)

I’m blogging over at Books & Such today. A preview: Here is a typical email I receive from writers I’m considering for representation, or clients whose proposals are about to be sent to publishers: Dear Rachelle, I’m SO sorry to bother you and I hope it’s not too late. I was looking over my manuscript…
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Author Rights and Responsibilities

I believe that as an author, you can expect certain rights when it comes to dealing with agents and publishers. I also believe that rights come with responsibilities. Here are a few that come to mind: 1. You have the right to decide whether or not to seek agency representation, and which type of publishing…
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Sometimes You Fail. And it Sucks.

I’ve blogged about failure a few times, and I’ve read dozens of other posts about it. As I wrote in this post, “Turns out, everyone and their brother has blogged about failure. And every successful person in history has a quote about it, too.” But recently, an author wrote poignantly about being in the middle…
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How to Get a Terrific Professional Headshot

I’m blogging at Books & Such today. Click here for tips on that all-important author or professional photo!
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Never Confuse These Words Again

Ah, the English language. You would think one’s native tongue would be easier to master. But alas, there are simply too many land mines in our little lexicon. Just today I read an email in which the writer hoped I “excepted” his submission, and another in which someone wanted to pay me a “complement.” It…
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5 Reasons Agents Don’t Explain their Rejections

Authors often express frustration that their rejection letters don’t contain any hint of the real reason the project wasn’t accepted (save for something generic like “the project doesn’t fit my needs at the present time.”) A writer told me she’s not asking for much — just “one word, maybe two” of explanation at the end…
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Make a Call, Take a Meeting

Most business is done by email these days. And why not? It’s convenient and it’s non-intrusive — you can write or respond to emails on your own schedule. I’ve noticed that many of us have even become phone-averse and actively avoid the phone in favor of email. But I think something has been lost when we…
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Happy authors

8 Ways to Be a Happy Author

1. Write primarily because it’s what you love to do. 2. Resist comparing yourself to others. When you find yourself doing it—pull yourself back, pray, meditate, practice mindfulness or whatever you do to find calm, and remind yourself of all the reasons comparison is futile. 3. Understand that getting published for the first time is…
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Literary agent

Are Self-Pub Books the New Slush Pile?

I’ve been asked this question countless times. Several high-profile self-published books have made industry news when they were picked up by big publishers. It’s easy to imagine that editors and agents can now just sit back, watch the self-pub bestseller lists, and find all the “hits” they could ever want. But not so fast. Some…
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I love words.

I love books and publishing and talking incessantly about them.

I love authors and all the intricacies of managing a writing life.

I sell. I negotiate. I coach. I brainstorm.

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