Your Agent Should Be the Bad Guy

Bad guy

I’m blogging over at Books & Such today. Here’s a preview:

One of the primary advantages of having an agent is that you have an advocate who can handle all the negotiations with the publisher and navigate difficult territory, allowing you to maintain a positive working relationship with everyone at your publishing house.

This positive relationship can have huge implications when it comes time for a publisher to decide whether they want to work with you again. It can also affect how you’re tr

eated— whether it’s with respect, with kid gloves, or with dread. Most importantly, it can determine whether your publishing experience is mostly pleasant and rewarding… or not.
When I say the agent can handle your negotiations, I don’t mean just the contract. I mean every point of discussion or disagreement that comes up between you and your publisher through the entire publishing process. Unfortunately, things can get stressful behind the scenes. You may feel unsupported by your publisher for a variety of reasons, especially when they don’t communicate with you very frequently. You may not like the cover or title they’ve chosen, you may not think they’re doing enough marketing. This journey isn’t always a smooth one. That’s one of the reasons you have an agent.

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Rachelle Gardner

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  1. Siriumish on July 21, 2013 at 1:15 PM

    Oh, (google took me in here) 🙂 I try to find out what this “agent” stuff is. I live in Finland, and the markets are so small in here (because of our elf language) I have never had an agent, i don’t know anyone who has an agent in my country! I have been lucky with my artsy stuff too, not had problems with publishing my stuff. But now after reading about this business i can see publishing a book in English is like jumping from a nice little pool in the waves of some big ocean. I will try to find an agent, perhaps, some day, not now, but i wish i found more info about these “Good Bad Agents” .
    (Thanks to my lovely blog friends i can this much English…)