Poetry Contest Winners!

Thanks to the 100 people who contributed poems in Friday’s contest! They were all very entertaining and it was difficult to narrow it down. First, let’s start with some honorable mentions. In no particular order… Best Concise Overview of Publishing:Glynis No thank you, thank you no,We enjoyed the giggle,Now off you go. Best Brief Rejection…
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Bad News Poetry Contest!

Whew, it’s been a grim week here on the blog, hasn’t it? All this talk about difficult conversations between authors and agents. I think it’s time to let you put your own spin on all of this. (And hopefully add some humor to the situation.) So I was thinking we should have a contest. How about…
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Announcing Winners

of The Forest For the Trees by Betsy Lerner THANKS for entering the drawing, and for all your great tidbits of writing advice! If your name is NOT listed below, here’s where you can buy the book:Buy on AmazonBuy on Barnes and Noble I used a random number generator on and from that, drew…
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WINNERS: The One-Sentence Summary Contest

Wow! We had nearly 500 entries in last Wednesday’s contest. I’m thrilled, because this means 500 of you worked on creating a concise summary for your book, something most writers find difficult. But it can be done, right? I hope this served as a helpful exercise for you. Of course it was very difficult narrowing…
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Who Will Win the Contest?

Winners of the One-Sentence Summary Contest will be announced TOMORROW, Monday. On Tuesday, I’ll be discussing one-sentence summaries in further detail, and critiquing a handful of the entries. Be sure and let me know if you DON’T want your entry critiqued on the blog (just in case I choose yours).
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The One-Sentence Summary

*Contest is closed.*Today we’re going to talk about the one-sentence summary, also known as a logline, a hook, or a one-sentence pitch. (It is not a tagline, however.) What: About 25 words that capture your novel, memoir, or non-fiction book. Why: To get someone interested in reading your book. When to use it: The start…
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Our guest blogger from last Thursday, Becky Levine, has chosen the three winners to receive a copy of her book, The Writing and Critique Group Survival Guide. They are: Heather Beth K. Vogt KC Frantzen Winners please email me with your mailing address so we can send you the book!
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2009 Book Giveaway

Each year on the blog, I choose ten books from my personal bookshelf to give to my readers. They’re all books I’ve read, enjoyed, and want to pass along for others to enjoy. (I have multiple copies of some of of them, so I’m keeping one for myself.) So here’s how you get one of…
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WINNERS of the Words Move Me Contest

This contest was one of my favorites EVER. Reading through the (more than 360) entries was incredibly fun, which just underscores my love of great books, my appreciation for a beautiful sentence, and the joy I get from learning about other people’s favorite books and what moved them. THANK YOU for your entries to this…
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A big thank you to the nearly 180 entrants in my guest blog contest! It wasn’t easy, but I’ve finally had a chance to choose my Guest Bloggers for the rest of the year. (See A Blog Challenge for You.) Here are the guest posts I’ve chosen (twelve instead of ten): Reesha: Christian Art –…
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A Blog Challenge for You

I sort of stole this idea from Nathan Bransford but he’s a pretty cool guy so I don’t think he’ll mind. (Think of it as flattery, Nathan.) You’ve no doubt noticed that I often use guest bloggers, usually on Thursdays. I typically get the guest posts from amongst my clients and other friends in the…
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Writing Contests

First off (and before we get to today’s post)… HAPPY RELEASE DAY to Deborah Vogts, author of Snow Melts in Spring (Book 1 in the Seasons of the Tallgrass series). This is her first novel… and my first agented novel to be released. We’re both excited! Click the picture to buy the book, and visit…
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Contest Finalists… and Holiday Schedule

Good morning and happy Hanukkah! We have contest finalists today… and we’re VOTING. A big thank-you to everyone who scribbled down the first thing that came to mind worked long and hard to compose your beauiful haiku for the 17 Syllables Contest. Here are the five I’ve chosen as finalists. VOTE IN THE SIDEBAR. One…
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We Have a Winner

THANKS to everyone for your jokes! They were SOOOO funny and I had lots of LOL moments, as I’m sure all the readers did. Thank you for contributing! (If you haven’t read the jokes, click here for Friday’s post and read the comments section. It’s hilarious!) It was *hard* picking a favorite, but I did.…
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